19 July 2011

Weekly Totals

From July 10th - 16th.  I'm a little behind in my posting.

Run:  31
Swim: 1.33
ike:  27
Hike: 0

Oops - that "ike" is supposed to be "Bike," and not hours spent watching The Ike and Tina Turner Story on Lifetime*.  (have you guys seen that flick?  Angela Bassett is HOT!  I'd kill for those arms!)  

*actual hours spent watching The Ike and Tina movie, which for some reason has been showing repeatedly on some crap channel: approx. 4.2.  Hey, don't judge me!


Alisyn said...

You crack me up! We should get together for a run sometime, but please don't make me watch the Ike and Tina Movie. ;)

Jes said...

I'd love that! And you won't have to watch the movie...I can recite the WHOLE THING while we run! :)

lindsay said...

You make me feel lazy. Your Hike miles = my whole week...

and we had to go back thru LA from the french poly. i'm on the east coast (SC) - they don't quite run direct flights from the middle of the pacific to here :( (nor can i afford a private jet, unfortunately) originally our excuse was "gradually readjusting to the time change" but after we wish we'd just stayed longer in moorea before coming home :)