11 February 2012

5 February - 11 February

Thought I'd do Mother Nature a little favor and leave my car at home and run to/from work, and the bitch repaid me by upping the wind, decreasing the temp, and dumping a ton of rain on me...both ways. On top of that, I finally made it home only to discover that I left my bedroom window open all day and my bed, blankets, stuffed giraffe (don't judge), everything was soaked from the rain [insert inappropriate joke about sleeping in the wet spot here]. Half a day later and I'm still freezing cold. 
Almost makes me wish Einstein had a bigger environmental footprint, just to pay her back a little.
Anyway, I was a bit lazy this week. I had hoped to increase by 3 - 4 miles over last week, but instead I skipped my long run and came up about 8 miles short of what I did last week.  That's not including the 1.5 mile, adrenaline fueled sprint through the city trying to catch a kid who AWOL'ed from the group home I work at, or the 20 feet I ran across the restaurant the other day to get to my pancakes quicker.  Overall, I'm feeling in better shape than I had thought I was, but I'm not gonna make any improvements if I keep skipping long runs.  Trying to finish this 50k without killing myself (or catching pneumonia)is by far the most outlandish thing I've ever done to try to impress a dude. 


achilles3 said...

most outlandish thing i've ever done to impress a dude was run fast/far too!!!

Jes said...

It's definitely far, but I don't know how fast it'll be.

How's the tribe?