29 September 2011

Went swimming at Aquatic Park yesterday, despite the crazy behavior of the Harbor Seals recently.  It was awesome.  I love aquatic park.  Did 2.5 laps around the buoys.

No wetsuit, cause I ain't a wimp.  :)


Anonymous said...

YES! You kick ass! It is so good to read your blog, I love it when you write. It helps me feel more complete and a little connected. Hey! Todays my birthday. And life is looking up! Changing my outlook and my everything for the better. It always makes my day to read your stuff. You make the universe a wonderful place just by being apart of it. I love you Jessica. I guess I'm having a great day. Ate Ball.

achilles3 said...

email me with your most checked address...i had the funniest dream (an all nighter!) and your crazy ass was in it.

miss you like Itaewon